Karate is a discipline that rewards students of all ages. Whatever your stage of life, the martial arts can help you improve your body and mind. The concentration, persistence, and exercise required by karate and other martial arts challenge us to discover and maintain our inner balance. As students of karate, we learn to bring our mental and physical lives into harmony.

Adults Learn:

  •     Physical Self-defense Techniques
  •     Martial Arts Techniques
  •     Mental Self-defense – Being aware of your thoughts and controlling them.
  •     Emotional Self-defense – Being aware of your feelings and staying in control of your reactions to them.


Our classes are great ways for kids to get exercise, build character, make new friends, and develop an interest in martial arts that can offer a lifetime of rewarding experiences. Students improve their concentration skills while learning the fundamentals of self-defense. An early introduction to the types of skills and strategies we teach set your child up for having a more positive, self-assured, and respectful frame of mind.

Teens learn:

Our Five Self-Defense Mindsets:

  1. 100% awareness in the present moment.
  2. Put forth 100% conscious effort and do the right thing.
  3. Think, feel, say or do only constructive things to set up positive experiences.
  4. Push myself beyond my present capability.
  5. Hold myself to a higher standard of effort.
    Hold myself to a higher standard of respect.
    Hold myself to a higher standard of kindness.

Our Emotional Intelligence Technique:

  •  The ability to recognize my emotions, stay in control of my reactions to them, and only respond positively.


Our Little Tigers’ class is specifically designed for boys and girls ages 5-7 while our Juniors’ class is for ages 8-13. To experience the full benefits of the class, students should attend twice a week. The purpose and focus of our children’s martial arts classes is to build self-control and confidence, develop self-esteem, guide their incredible energy in a positive direction, and have fun while learning.

Our instructors start with a 20-minute consultation for those 8 years of age and older to discuss martial arts in general, our school philosophy, and our school’s main purpose, which is personal development through mental, emotional, and physical stability. We then proceed with one to three half-hour introductory lessons so students and parents get a feel for the school atmosphere, and so you can decide if you wish to continue on a regular basis.

Kids Learn:  

  •     Self-Defense and Self-Control skills
  •     Respect and Positive Character Development
  •     Listening, Interacting and Leadership Skills Mixed with Fun Martial Arts


Our Seniors only class offers a low impact, unique approach to self-defense with far-reaching benefits for active adults 55+.  In addition, our methodology provides defense against the onset of many physical challenges faced by mature adults, such as:  

Our practice helps mature adults strengthen brain function.  A sharp brain adds to longevity and quality of life. Our practice accomplishes this through integrated physical motion and visual and auditory cues that strengthen mental alertness.

Through artistic body movement and coordinated routines, that are designed to be age-specific, our practice improves balance and coordination, strength and flexibility, and improves confidence in your physical abilities.

Dr. Darla Booth (Functional Medicine) says, if you’re not practicing your balance and coordination, you do not get blood flow to those parts of the brain that operate those areas.  The neural pathways are still there. They have been there since you were a little kid but if you’re not using them, they’re not super highways anymore. The good news is you can get it back!

Spatial Awareness is the understanding of where our bodies are in relation to stationary and moving objects around us:  Furniture, pets, grandchildren, automobiles, pedestrians and a whole host of other items. Our practice helps increase awareness of objects around you in order to avoid accident or injury from collisions.

Our Seniors only class allows students to work at their own pace and is a no belt system.  We create a fun, encouraging and safe environment that allows students to take steps towards a richer, fuller and happier life.


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