The courses taught at Maloney’s Martial Arts help build self-esteem for all ages. During our children’s martial arts classes our instructors teach students to live by the true spirit of martial arts, which is to respect themselves and others. We help our young students develop and maintain a strong work ethic, self-control, and we equip them with the discipline to use their strengths to overcome the adversities they will face throughout their lives.

  • Being 100% Aware in the Present Moment

  • Integrity: Always Doing the Right Thing

  • Being Respectful: Think, Feel, Say, and Do Positive Things

  • Practice Breathing Techniques to Help the Emotions Stay Calm in Stressful Situations

  • Looking for the Good in all People and in all Situations

  • Creating Peace and Harmony with Yourself and Others

  • Mental Focusing for Concentration

  • Regular Physical Exercise

  • Regular Fun Time

  • Balancing Screen Time


I started Karate classes in 1976 when I was 20 years old. I took classes for about a year and a half. Then some friends invited me to go to some rodeos in Colorado with them. So off I went. I was young back then and not very disciplined. I fooled around and wasted time.

 In 1979 I got hit in the head by a bull, and it knocked me out of my body. They said I was unconscious for about 5 minutes. When I was out, I heard a whisper in my ear, what are you doing here? The next thing I know, I am back in my body, feeling no pain. That made me realize, there is more to me than just this body. That woke me up and got me thinking, what am I doing here?

I started reading a lot and searching. I realized I needed to get some discipline in my life. So, in 1982 I decided to get back into karate for discipline and I have been at it since.  I started managing the school in 1985.  In 1995 my instructor Lee Thompson wanted to move on and turned the school over to me. In 2016, I changed the name to Maloney’s Martial Arts. April 14, 2020 it will be 38 years since I came back to karate.

I am more disciplined now and I realize there is so much more to karate. As I get older, I understand the importance of staying active, physically and mentally. I feel good. I like helping others feel good. And I love seeing others becoming more confident. This world needs more peace and harmony, and for that to happen people need to respect each other. I feel if we can help others to develop good habits of treating others with respect through martial arts, we are doing our part to help make this world a better place to live.


At Maloney’s Martial Arts, we believe mental and emotional strength come first because understanding and using these skills can usually help avoid the need for physical self-defense. Mental and emotional self-defense can be used on a daily basis to deal with negative thoughts and the feelings that come from those thoughts.

Our mental defense techniques begin with preventive defense by always respecting yourself and others. We also teach you to be aware of where you place your attention, for what captures your attention controls your life. In addition, we help you to avoid uncontrolled thoughts of disappointment, frustration, fear, or anger. Defense and prevention starts with controlling ourselves on a mental level, controlling our attention, controlling our thoughts, and how we respond to them.

There are several principles we teach to all of our students from children to adults. These principles of our martial arts include the following:

  1. Preventive Defense
  2. Awareness
  3. Look for the Good in all People and in all Situations
  4. Understanding
  5. Self-Control
  6. Always Create Peace and Harmony

Through awareness and respect, we always try to avoid the need to resort to physical defense. We teach you that you can avoid most undesirable consequences and set up the desirable consequences you seek by focusing on being aware of the following:

Your Attention | Your Thoughts | Your Feelings | Your  Words | Your Tone Of Voice When Speaking To Others | Your Actions

At Maloney’s Martial Arts, we promote a focus on excellence that can extend to many areas of your life. We instruct our students to focus on excellence in many ways including:



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