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Self-Defense Classes and Adult Karate in San Jose, CA

The classes taught at Maloney's Martial Arts for adult karate in San Jose, CA, provide training for self-defense, improve your physical, mental and emotional health, and increases discipline across all areas of your life. From our safe, controlled environment, it is easy to learn our step-by-step, spontaneous self-defense training program, which allows you to increase the boundaries of your comfort zone little by little at your own pace in a fun family atmosphere as you increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Adult Classes

Men and women of any age can benefit from our courses. We concentrate on a well-rounded martial arts program with a balance of three main aspects, including physical, mental, and emotional. Some of the benefits include:

Adult Karate in San Jose, CA

Physical Gains:

• Health and Fitness • Flexibility • Coordination
• Stress Reduction

Mental Benefits:

• Awareness • Relaxation
• Self-Discipline • Learning and Memorization Of Self-Defense Techniques
• Concentration

Emotional Growth:

• Self-Control • Assertiveness • Maturity
• Communication • Responsibility

Physical Self-Defense

There are unlimited possibilities one can use for self-defense. Our techniques are designed for evading, blocking or countering various attacks, including:

• Grabs • Kicks • Weapons
• Chokes • Punches • Multiple Attackers

Freestyle Sparring

Freestyle sparring is the practical application of training where you put it all together. The action of sparring is spontaneous and unpredictable, and therefore, challenging. You will learn to communicate and maintain control mentally, physically, and emotionally. Consistent practice develops you into a mature, responsible, and assertive individual.

Mental Self-Defense:
Being aware of our thoughts and controlling them.

Emotional Self-Defense:
Being aware of our feelings and staying in control of our reactions to them.

Ten Steps to Black Belt Excellence

If you can accomplish small goals, you can attain large goals. It is through our accomplishments that we build confidence and develop self-esteem, which is the belief in our own personal abilities. This is one of the many ways martial arts training  can have a positive impact on your personal life. Our belief is that reaching a black belt is a tremendous accomplishment and, to do so, you must be:

• Emotionally Mature • Mentally Strong • Physically Fit • Assertive • Perfected In the Fundamentals