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Children Self Defense

Children Karate Classes in San Jose, CA

The courses taught at Maloney's Martial Arts in San Jose, California, help build self-esteem for all ages. Through our martial arts classes for children, our instructors teach students to live by the true spirit of martial arts, respecting themselves and others. We help our young students develop and maintain a strong work ethic, self-control, and teach them discipline to use their strengths to overcome the adversities they will face throughout their lives.

Getting Children Started

We offer martial arts courses for children and teens beginning at age five. Our instructors start with a 20-minute consultation for those 8 years of age and older discussing martial arts in general, our school philosophy, and its main purpose, which is personal development through mental, emotional, and physical stability. We then proceed with three, half-hour introductory lessons so students and parents get a feel for the school atmosphere so you can decide if you wish to continue on a regular basis.

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Children Karate Classes in San Jose, CA

Children's Classes

Our Little Tigers class is specifically designed for boys and girls ages 5-7 while our Junior class is for ages 8-13. To experience the full benefits of the class, students should attend twice a week. The purpose and focus of our children's classes is to build self-control and confidence, and develop self-esteem, to direct and guide their incredible energy in a positive direction, and have fun while learning. We teach our students:

• Flexibility
• Coordination
• Concentration
• Self-Control
• Respect
• Self-Discipline
• Self-Defense
• Listening Skills
• Interacting Skills
• Leadership Skills

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