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Martial Arts Training in San Jose, CA

Our martial arts training is perfect for men, women, seniors, teens, and kids (beginning at age 5). Our top priority is the personal development of our students through a concentration of mental, emotional, and physical self-defense training.

Family Karate Classes in San Jose, CA with Maloney Family

Our Philosophy

At Maloney's Martial Arts, we believe mental and emotional strength come first because understanding and using these skills can usually help avoid the need for physical self-defense. Mental and emotional self-defense can be used on a daily basis to deal with negative thoughts and the feelings that come from those thoughts.

Mental Defense

Our mental defense techniques begin with preventive defense by always respecting yourself and others. We also teach you to be aware of where you place your attention, for what captures your attention controls your life. In addition, we help you to avoid uncontrolled thoughts of frustration, fear, or anger. Defense and prevention starts with controlling ourselves on a mental level, controlling our attention, controlling our thoughts, and how we respond to them.

Awareness and Respect

Through awareness and respect, we always try to avoid the need to resort to physical defense. We teach you that you can avoid most undesirable consequences and set up the desirable consequences you seek by focusing on being aware of the following:

Your Attention | Your Thoughts | Your Feelings | Your Words | Your Tone Of Voice When Speaking To Others | Your Actions

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Our Principles

There are several principles we teach to all of our students from children to adults. These principles of our martial arts include the following:

1.  Preventive Defense 3.  Look for the Good                                         in all People and in all Situations 5.  Self Control
2.  Awareness 4.  Understanding 6.  Always Create Peace and Harmony

A Focus On Excellence

At Maloney's Martial Arts, we promote a focus on excellence that can extend to many areas of your life. We instruct our students to focus on excellence in many ways including:

• Form • Teamwork • Energy • Ability • Respect • Peace
• Detail • Harmony • Knowledge • Effort • Control

Why Choose Us?

We are a family atmosphere where we understand that we all grow together. As we help others grow, we grow ourselves. Our instructors believe in teaching you to avoid the use of physical self-defense, while developing your ability to use it only when absolutely necessary. In addition, all memberships consist of:  No contracts, No enrollment fees, No cancellation fees, No testing fees, Complimentary make-up lessons, and Priority reservations for day camps and special events.  Classes with us are affordable and something everyone can enjoy. 

Birthday Parties

We do Birthday Parties!

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 Birthday parties are led by Black Belt instructors.

 Each 1½ - 2 hour party includes Martial Arts Themed Games,   Mini Lesson, Life Skill’s, and Fun Activities in a safe and   positive environment.  Also, kids will have the option to   break a board and the birthday child has the option to cut   their cake with a Samurai Sword! 

 For more details or to reserve a party, email or call us today!

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Martial Arts Day Camps

Maloney’s Martial Arts’ philosophy is to help build stronger, more confident, well-rounded individuals through martial arts training.

Our camps include a wide-ranging training schedule consisting of character development, practical self-defense techniques, exciting games, and much more in a fun, safe, and positive environment.

Our camps are open to children aged 5-15.  No experience in the martial arts is necessary.

We offer day camps throughout the year in the fall, spring, and summer.  Call or email us today to inquire about our current camp offerings.

Martial Arts Day Camp Day Camp